Glückliche Erinnerungen aus vergangenen Tagen   

                                    Happy Memories of days gone by

Helmut Nigl

In lieber Erinnerung für eine große Mann. 

Wir vermissen  Dich.

In loving memory of a great man, sorely missed

    Mlti CH Beauview Bar the hat at Ilkleymoor
   "Heathrow"  The gentle boss so many years        

     CH Ilkley Moor O'Malley -  "O'Malley"
beloved dog of Julie and David
        BIS, CH. Ilkley Moor Mischief Maker -  "Mischief" my soul mate

                          CH.   Ilkley Moor Oriental Poppy

   In memory of Ringo. Came to me in his  old age and we
   only had 2 years together
but he was so deep in my heart
   and I
miss him. Near the end he loved to sleep next to my
   bed with his head in my crocs.

Multi CH Ilkley Moor Easy Comes "Harry"

       Ilkley Moor Carbon Copy  "Phoebe"

My beloved Sunshine, I miss you

Veteran Ch. Ilkley Moor Passion Flower
Ch. Ilkley Moor Be My Girl  -  "Zoomzoom"


   BIS, Res World winner 2009 ACH, AJCh. Ilkley Moor Just Me  -           "Ducky" My nutcase

World Winner, Multi Champion Ilkley Moor Wee Imp

"Nini" mit 17 Jahre / 17 years old

World Youth Winner, R-World Winner, Multi Ch.
Ilkley Moor Contrary Mary

Ch. Ilkley Moor Nutmeg  -  beloved dog of Julie

Champion Tresilva Vanity (Bichon Frise)

Multi Ch.Mannsown with a little Luck of Ilkleymoor       


World Winners, Ch.Ilkley Moor Kiss'n'Tell & Ilkley Moor Wee Imp

Champion Ilkley Moor Dolly Dimples

Erste Champions  -  The first Champions

Champion Cynjon Assets Abound of Ilkleymoor

Europe Winner, Multi CH. Ilkley Moor Russet Ruffles "JR"

Multi Ch. Gaystock Tour de Force of Ilkleymoor